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zmote is a Wi-Fi connected IR blaster with learning and monitoring capabilities. You can use it as a universal remote by placing it in your living room and controlling all your gadgets (TV, STB, AVR, Media PC) from your phone or over the web using a regular browser.

We imported the over 3000 unique remotes supported by the open source LIRC database to give our users a head start. Most popular brands are already in there. zmote also includes an IR Receiver so you can teach it to control devices not in the database. The IR receiver can also be used to monitor and log, for example, your TV usage.

zmote uses the ESP-01 module plus a custom PCB. It has 6 IR LEDs, mounted at each 60-degree angle, to give full coverage of the room. You can place it anywhere in the room -- behind the TV, inside your entertainment cabinet, on your coffee table or mounted on the wall or ceiling -- and control all the gadgets placed anywhere in the room.

Setting up the zmote is very easy. We don't require you to create an account or install an App. Control is via a simple web application that can run on any browser. Our server uses your external IP to automatically pair you with any available zmotes within your network. Commands are sent over a REST API and response times are extremely low. For control from outside of your network, zmote supports an MQTT based protocol.

What sets the zmote apart from other similar devices is its simplicity of design, ease of use and low cost. It is also a fully open sourced project (MIT License), so you are free to use and extend it in any way you want.

ESP-01 * 1
TS1838 IR Receiver * 1
IR-333A LED * 6
AMS1117 Voltage regulator * 1
2N2222 * 1
Micro USB connector * 1
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