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Part art-piece, part timepiece, it’s a modern take on the classic analogue clock. Where a traditional clock face uses hands to tell the time, The Light Clock turns your whole wall into a timepiece through a striking display of coloured light. You have the power to choose from millions of colours, allowing you to perfectly complement your existing décor, or simply to match your mood.

The Light Clock runs Open Source on the Arduino IDE in the ESP8266 chip.

How do I tell the time on The Light Clock?
To create the hour and minute hands, The Light Clock projects light in two different colours. At first glance this might seem complicated, but very quickly you’ll notice that you can read it with ease. See the attached image for an example using yellow and blue.

Key features are:
120 High brightness LEDs
Web portal for control
Chose near infinite colour options
Web portal to set up connection to home wifi network.
NTP synchronisation for accurate time-keeping
Night Mode

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in November we are now moving towards production.

Jumper leads
144strip of Neopixel LEDs
3.3v to 5v logic level converter
5V 4A power supply (LEDs use looooots of power)

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