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By RichardS
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livecSNE is an adopted version of popular game lasertag of which ESP12E module is the pivotal element ESP governs all the wireless communications with the central server at the same time serving as the controller for the vest.
Functions implemented using ESP:
1. Reading sensor values of front back and shoulders.
2. Modulating IR signals for the gun and controlling laser beam switching.
3. Controlling jacket vibrations.
4. Controlling color of RGB LEDs of the lasertag jacket. Color of RGB LED indicates the team to which the player belongs.
5. Smooth transition of RGB LEDs from one color to another when player is hit.
6. Operating the jackets in 8 different modes of the game.
7. Playing the personalized sound on the speaker housed inside the gun. This sound is streamed wirelessly on specific events like ‘team mate about to die’, ‘you have been shot by xyz’, ‘your zone is under attack’ etc.
8. Streaming the current player statistics to central software.
9. Allowing scalability of the central software from desktop PCs to android mobiles.
Apart from these, the other features include recharge zones which allow you to recharge your gun when its bullets are exhausted. This feature Is implemented by NFC technology. The NFC reader is interfaced with an AVR series controller which feeds data to the onboard ESP module over UART. There are explosion zones which cause you to lose life when you get in vicinity of it at inopportune time. This is achieved via focusing optics and modulated IR transmitters in the zone. These zones are activated by the ESP on receiving activation command. There is a territory that you have to guard, which when hit by opponents for specific number of times, your team loses. These territory zone sensors too have ESP at its heart.




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By woodat
#43281 I was planning on doing a laser tag style system as an add-on to my wipboy project! As I seem to keep asking: is yours open source? I'm mainly curious how you did your hardware (the gun and sensors)