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I am an educator. Several years ago I designed a maze solving robot for my students to build and program in order to learn the most basic of artificial intelligence algorithms. I used an Arduino Nano and a HC-06 Bluetooth module that was not compatible with iOS devices. Recently I modified my design and code to use an esp8266 via a NodeMCU. Now my students will be able to remotely control and wirelessly debug their robots using any WiFi enabled smartphone or computer.

While I consider this an open source project, since I am an educator I cannot release most of the source code (otherwise my students would just copy and paste it). Instead, I have created around 9 hours of video tutorials that walk students through how to build and program a maze solving robot. These videos have been uploaded to YouTube so that anyone can work through them and learn how to build their own maze solving mouse. A list of video tutorials interspersed with various documents, notes, and slideshows can be found at link below (I hope this link can be accepted in place of the requested source code).

Intermediate skills covered in order to achieve the above mentioned end goals include: how to setup the NodeMCU as an access point, how to set it up as a web server, how to design an interactive web page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how to pass information between a client and a host via get requests. Since the esp8266 on the NodeMCU only has a single analog pin, students also learn how to multiplex it by attaching several infrared detectors and powering them with GPIO pins.


Link to my project's web page
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