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By RichardS
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My project, that I will present to you is a esp8266 driven display.
In my house I have a Raspberry Pi 2b running OpenHAB as automation software. A lot of devices are connected to it and provide their data to it. For a while, I decide to develop a easier way to access the information’s than starting a computer and looking to a web browser.
So, the idea for the display was born.

I took a 2.2 inch TFT display and na esp12 and did a PCB layout in eagle. I´m not a friend of switches, so I implemented a sensor field instead of a switch.

The housing was built with my own 3D printer.

All of the information´s running into MQTT queue´s. I implemented MQTT into the code and that’s it!

After activating with the sensor field (right side), the display shows for one hour the following information’s:
Date and time,
Up-left outside temperature,
Up-left 2 – Humidity as bar graph
Up left 3 to 7 – power of my Photovoltaic plant of the last 5 days
Up – right – graph of the daily power of the PV plant with scaling and colors, maximum and actual value
Down – which room has more then 75% opened nozzle at the heater. That switches the burner on.
The blue light at left side, shows the running is burner.

After an hour, the display goes down for 30% brightness and shows a standby clock.

I hope you enjoy my little project.




MQTT LED open HAB.jpg
MQTT LED open HAB-1.jpg
MQTT LED open HAB-2.jpg
MQTT LED open HAB-3.jpg