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To be a viable submission I thought it must have an everyday purpose, requirement and use. For me it was a simple choice as I had all three. I needed a method to monitor my internal wood stove temperature to keep it working efficiently and effectively. This meant more heat with less work and less money, a win win approach. Plus I could tell the family when the wood stove need wood even I was not at home.

The Design
The design used a Esp8266 Nodemcu v0.9 development board. Programming was completed with the Arduino IDE. To read the internal temperature which can be in excess of 500C(1000F) I used a Max6675 thermocouple connected to the SPI bus. To read the information locally a LED screen was used from Digole (160x128) on the I2C bus. Now to make full use of the information(temperature) the data was transmitted to a MQTT server on my PC. From there the data is picked up by Node-RED running on my Raspberry. It is then read again locally on my PC, Smart phone and Tablet. Now for remote monitoring and trending I used Node-RED to pass the temperature to Emoncms where I can access it remotely, trend it and compare to other data points.It also has DHT22 (temperature and humidity) sensor connected locally as my opinion is every board should just have that as a minimum. This project should win because it demonstrates a real use and requirement. Uses a local pin for DHT22, SPI for thermocouple, I2C for LCD display. WIFI and MQTT for communication and Node_RED to integrate into the IOT World.

The Future
As no IOT project really ever ends, the next phase is reporting to a smart watch. Then control the fresh air damper on the stove, also open a fresh air (outdoor air) damper into the home to avoid down drafts and negative pressures.

Breadboard ( My trick is to put two together for the Nodemcu v0.9, this issue corrected in V1.0) (Ebay)
Nodemcu V0.9 _Esp8266 (Obsolete, purchase newer version) (Ebay)
DHT22 Sensor board (Resistor included) (Ebay)
Thermocouple _ Max6675 (Ebay)
Digole LCD Screen (Ebay)

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