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By RichardS
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Below is small snippet from the linked HOME AUTOMATION USING ESP8266.docx please read that also, as it is VERY thorough!

Over past years I was having an idea in my head to automate my house, but did not have clear vision
how to do that, until I hold my hands on ESP8266. Idea is simple, have some kind of home server
which will collect data from various sensors inside and outside house, and have some devices which
will allow me to control all of my house electric installation. My house is not new so I needed to tune
my project to use its electric installation with minimal changes.

Electric installations in my house are organized on two floors, ground and top floor. Each floor has its
own fuse box, and I was having and old type fuse boxes with classic fuses, so major change in electric
installation was to replace fuse boxes with new modern automatic fuses, and choose fuse boxes big
enough to fit additional electronic inside them. Electric installation is 220V, I live in Europe.

Goals of project are to control every light, every wall socket, hot water boilers, heater in the
bathroom, electric door lock in my yard, monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, light intensity,
air pressure, smoke detection, and movement inside house, display all this data on status display,
and control whole system through web interface. Also, system should be able to schedule various
tasks of turning on/off various devices, dependent on time period, or/and data from any sensor. For
example, I want my water heater to be turned on only during cheap tariff, and that is time
dependent task (00H-08H), or I want my hallway light to be on as soon as outside sensor detects
night, and turn it off during day. Also, I want to be able to detect smoke, and turn smoke detector
alarm, or detect movement in house when I am on vacation. System must be able to send email
when such unexpected event occurs, such as movement in house, when I’m not at home. Also,
system should be able to run tasks on different events, and dependent on one or more sensor data.

Example of this task would be that I want to light switch on when I enter the room (movement
sensor raises event), but only if outside light sensor detects night.

see DOCX

see DOCX


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By Mzex
#43292 I will add some missing data from this project, which was left out.
You can download EagleCad projects for every device in this project from attachments.
Project have seven different devices, they are:

1. Home server
2. Fuse box controllers
3. Light switch controllers
4. Interior sensor boxes
5. Exterior sensor box
6. Electric lock controller
7. Status display

Every device is Esp8266 base, except home server, which is Raspberry Pi 2.
Here are some missing images too.
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