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Entrant 41 : CarontePass - Open Access Control

PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:02 pm
by RichardS

CarontePass is an access control designed for collaborative spaces where there is much movement of people and it is impossible that all people have conventional physical key.

Ideal for Hackerspaces, Makerspace, FabLabs, Hacklabs, etc ...

Open Source
Open Hardware
Low Cost
How does it work?:
The project is based on a client-server structure, where you have a single server (In Raspberry Pi 2) and customers are the doors.

Clients connect to wifi and establish communication through a REST API made with Django and Django REST framework that is in the server. As it is a very delicate service the idea is not to have the server on the Internet but in the local area.

The system creates a URL with the tag received by the reader and asks the server. Checks whether the tag has a user and if you have access permissions (as can be if the current monthly payments) to activate the relay which opens the door.

As a client there is a Raspberry has a relay that opens an electronic lock a reader NFC model RC522. Development version: ESP8266 with RC522(rfid/nfc) reader.

Support bots Telegram: When entering the first person into space in a group alerts Telegram which is open and equal to leave.

Raspberry Pi 2

Clients (Doors):
ESP8266 - Wemos D1 or Wemos Mini
RC522 - RFID (NFC) Reader

or Raspberry Pi with relay, and RC522.