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By Hopperpop
#44981 This weekend I made a casing for the project. It's a 9x9cm wooden box. I tried to use a finger joint and the pieces fitted better than expected. On the hardware side, I only need to make a PCB and put everything together. For the software I still want to make some improvements and add some small features. For example, I still need to display the time when the satellite enters or leaves the earth shadow. But for that, I want something better than the prediction table I have currently. I still need to think how I will do it.
The progress is going in small steps. That's because I have a lot of other work to do, but I hope I can finish it soon.
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By Lenbok
#45509 Nice - I have wanted to make an ISS tracker for ages, and when I saw you'd done all the hard work you pushed me over the edge. Thanks for sharing, here are some pics of the one I built...

Basic pull ups/downs and headers for the ESP-12. Note the 5v->3.3v regulator fits in the smaller-pitch protoboard if you put it diagonally:

Rear, with logic level converter:

With ESP module and LED ring:

And the final product fully installed in a 3d printed enclosure (black PLA for the base, transparent PLA for the dome covering the LED ring). 5v is supplied from a USB phone charger (not visible in the photo).

Thanks again!