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Simple Simon

This WebServer may run on NodeMCU builds other than WeMos-D1R2 / ESP8266.
I am interested in finding out, and have ordered a couple of other boards.

It should support serving up basic non-HTML such as jpg, wav, etc. But it's not fully tested.
(look in WebServer.lua for allowable types).

Dynamic content is supported via pre- and post- file include variables.
Said content is limited by heap space to maybe 10K or so.
Dive into gpio.lua for how to do it - there's subtleties to consider! A usage document is just dying to be written. ;)

Next steps will be to optimize send packet sizes and minimize memory utilization by possibly moving strings to flash.

I hope to enhance it with a standardized interface to other boards to "report" data values (maybe via COAP over serial).

I use Esplorer as my IDE. Boot ID:
NodeMCU 0.9.6 build 20150704 powered by Lua 5.1.4
Boot heap: 32736. Webserver active idle heap: 18104.

WebServer.lua -- Main module. Needs to be run as a compiled (lc) file for memory reasons.
fileutils.lua -- "require"d module - compile it
urlutils.lua -- "require"d module - compile it

Some basic webcontent:
favicon.ico - My logo. Initially used for basic testing, but now my "brand". :)
index.htm - default web page - if no filename in URL, this is used
gpio.lua / gpio.htm - just a basic form-based GET/POST combination for testing / demonstration
WiFi.lua - does not yet exist. Will be a "port" of WiFiInfo, but currently just 404 testing. ;)

There are a few little utility programs that I've not been able to find anywhere else (maybe I've reinvented the wheel):
printfile.lua - parameter is the filename (duh)
WiFiInfo.lua - prints all current wifi status it can find.




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