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By RichardS
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The project is named AIR QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM created by
KERZ Laboratory, the project aims to create a device that serves as a data collection of
air quality in the site of the installation of this device, except that these device can be
accessed through the Internet so that everyone on the site can be directly obtain air
quality data that has been recorded in this device.
This tool is controlled by 3 microcontroller units, 2 pieces ATmega328 MCU
has its own function, the first MCU serves as maker GUI and air quality data storage. The
second MCU processor to function as air quality data from various sensors that installed,
like Sharp dust sensor, DHT11, MQ Series Gases sensor. The third MCU ESP8266
module that serves as a bridge of communication between this device with other device
such as Smartphones, PCs and others, relying on an internet connection.
The development of this tool have to the design step, but the process of testing
the module already implemented, like controls the graphic LCD with ATmega328, and
network connectivity to the internet using ESP8266 module.
1. 3 main MCU (ESP8266, 2xATmega328).
2. Power Supply Unit (3.3v, 5v 3A).
3. LCD TFT module 3.95 inch.
4. 2 onboard USB to serial for updating firmware.
5. 20 extended pin from ATmega328.
6. 6 extended pin from ESP8266.




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By noerbanyyusuf
#43385 This is version 0.1 , so there is some mistake in this design, I will fix them in the next version before I print the PCB design. need about 2 week for printing procces, I will update this post next time. :geek:

Don't forget to Vote Entrant #70 : AIR QUALITY MONITORING WITH ESP8266 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: , Thank's alot. 8-)