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By RichardS
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I’ve been working on accelerometer triggered POV (persistence of
vision) gadgets since I was nineteen. The name MagicShifter developed
from the shifting registers I used in the first versions to drive the
LEDs. For the latest MagicShifter iteration we decided to integrate
the ESP8266 to be able to upload text and images for the POV via WiFi
from a mobile phone.

The MagicShifter 3000 is an open source hardware gadget for RGB
lighting, gaming and POV (persistence of vision) applications. By
combining its accelerometer with 16 bright RGB LEDs you can draw
images “into the air” by simply waving the device. In contrast to
other POV gadgets, the image is stabilized with the accelerometer data
and the image is displayed in both directions. It’s only 10cm long and
super slim so it fits in every pocket. Although it’s an IoT (internet
of things) gadget all it’s functions can be accessed offline as well.

The integrated LiPo battery can be charged via USB and the firmware
can also be updated via USB without having to press reset and the
bootloader button.

The Magicshifter 3000 has a very robust hardware design. You can not
damage the electronics by incorrect user code. All pins are protected
against short circuit conditions that could be generated in software.

To save power the device is able to shut itself down completely. It
can also read out the battery voltage via the ESP ADC pin. For the
LEDs I used AP102 because they are much easier to wire up than
multi-channel LED drivers which I used before.

The firmware is open source and based on the Arduino/ESP project. It
provides a GET/POST API for controlling the modes (POV mode lighting
mode, compass, settings), configuring the device (adding APs, setting
password) and uploading images. The web interface is also open source
and built with react and works on mobile and desktop devices.

* ESP12F board for controlling everything
* FXOS8700CQ: 3D Accelerometer + 3D Magnetometer
* CP2102 USB to Serial converter
* MCP73831 Lipo Charger
* MCP1825 Voltage regulator with enable input and power good output:
this enables us to power down the complete device with the
microcontroller and it protects the LiPo



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By overflo
#43513 WOAH!
this is amazing.
i saw it live at the CCCongress and i was very impressed back than.
as i know philipp the firmware sure made a lot of progress ever since.

what a nice project. also the source code looks very modular and reusable.

5/5 for awesomeness.
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By bebop
#43519 Enchancing IRL conversations
with beautiful pixelart :geek:

It also acts as an ambient
light source controllable via wifi :ugeek:

Thank you guys I definety want more of those :!:
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By ibisum
#43579 Seriously one of the most intriguing uses of ESP8266 as a platform, in my opinion, and a very good out-of-box-experience for the new user - works as advertised, and can and will hopefully do so much more as people get one and push it to good uses ..