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CalcHack is a completely new approach to gaming, networking and computing on graphical calculators. One might call it a powerful cheatengine for school...
What makes it different from assembler shells, existing games and tools is, that it`s not a program running on the calculator, but a complete solution including custom hardware which is added to the calculator PCB.
CalcHack started a few years ago with V1 based on a ARM Cortex M4 micro controller (STM32F4), and has since advanced onto a design using the ESP8266 as a main processor.
CalcHack adds all the features many students could use for fun and cheating... At the moment it adds:
- completely stealthy: 8-character password and panic button which wipes all evidence within milliseconds
- grayscale (on a B&W calculator)
- 2D graphics library
- 3D-wireframe engine
- a few games such as flappy bird
- Server based chat (PC-Calculator and calculator-calculator)
- 3MB SPIFFS with file browser and FTP like, browser based interface for the PC
- file download (pictures, text, calchack backup files)
- calculator RAM backup and restore into nonvolatile memory (to circumvent forced deletion by teachers)
- WolframAlpha interface (enter your question, text document with answer gets downloaded and opened)
Many more features will be added such as runtime loadable apps (a port of picoc has been created), file upload to server
Right now a new version with an external graphics processor (STM32F0) is in development, which should leave the ESP more time for actual processing.


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