Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By Daniel Saiz
#64396 Hi,
Is there any way to reduce the transmission power of the wifi module?
I am trying to integrate the esp8266 into an audio amplifier and I have problems with the interference generated by the module.

Thank you
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By bugs
#64401 Hi,

Not really answering the question that you posed (as I don't know if output can be reduced by a command) but the audio amplifier should not be receiving radio frequencies at 2.4 GHz!
Assuming that some part of the amplifier is being swamped by RF then you could first enclose the amplifier pcb or wiring in a metal screening can. It could be pick-up on the input wires to the amplifier (which should be screened cable anyway) - this can be reduced by passing the cable through ferrite beads and/or adding small filter capacitors at the input.
Basically the ESP is doing what it is supposed to do - the amplifier is not.
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By luiscolo
#65644 Hi !
First of all thank you for your great job in basic for the esp! is really great!
about tx power, in the AT commands i use a command to set the db power: AT+RFPOWER
and i was trying to find it in this implementation,
in fact, the question is: is this implementation using the max rf power? (I wish)

Thank you again a best regards !
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By Electroguard
#65651 An alternative way to tackle the problem might be to house the project in a shielded (ie: metal) case with an external aerial from perhaps an ESP-07.