Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By heckler
#50035 Just recieved some new Sonoff esp relay modules from ITEAD studio.
The memory chip is an W25Q80BVSSIG which digikey and others show as an 8MBIT (or 1 M byte) flash chip.
So will it work with the latest version of espbasic??
ESP_Basic Driving Lessons - Chapter 8

This project was developed around the readily available Sonoff relay module, which in the absence of any info to the contrary is assumed to be a 512K device and therefore unsuitable for ESP_Basic 3. - See more at: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=9868&start=4#sthash.gRDGIfVL.dpuf

and how can I identify if my module has gpio14??
If you have the later version Sonoff with gpio14, or a home-brew module with a spare gpio, you can use the spare gpio as input for a DHT temperature and humidity sensor.

thanks in advance
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By heckler
#50036 Just found the answer about gpio14...
The first thing to do is solder pins into the vacant 4 or 5 0.1" pitch holes which connect to 3.3v, RX, TX, GND (and in the newer 5 hole versions, gpio14
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By forlotto
#50094 Very similar to the Electro Dragon relay board...

Anyhow ... Yes program with those 4 pins USB to TTL if you are trying to load basic.
Just hook 5v to 5v TX to RX RX to TX and GND to GND.
Make sure you ground GPIO 0 this may be what the button is for?
If not you will have to figure out where it is and ground it at the appropriate time for the appropriate length of time.

You have a 1MB flash? I would think that would work for the latest version 512k just stopped working with 3.0 or the ESP01 so I would say a 1MB flash should work just fine could be wrong but at worst it will work with stable version 2.24...
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By RichardS
#50099 1MB must work, the ESP8266 can only access 1MB as code space anyway.... 4MB type flash can only use the 3MB extra as SPIFFS