Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By forlotto
#51510 Below is the flash CHIP
flash chip.JPG

Below is the actual diagram for this modification.
ESP8266 GPIO9 and 10.jpg

Now to complete this mod you must use this information to carry out the modification.

First you must lift the FCC metal cover off of your ESP12E.
Then Find the two pins that hook up to GPIO 9 and GPIO10 on your flash chip.
Lift these 2 pins and hook them to 3v according to the diagram thus holding these pins in a high state.

Don't go by the diagram totally actually trace it out as the numbers may not be 100% correct or may be I have yet to attempt but felt the need to share.
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By Juan de Austria
#52274 Hello,

I flashed a NodeMcu 1.0 (ESP 12-E, 4MB) with V2.a24 in DIO mode with
the flasher of electrodragon without hardware modifications:
GPIO 9 (SD2) -> don´t work (always reset with pi and po)
GPIO 10 (SD3) -> works, without any problems (po and pi)

But the software runs in DIO mode 10-20% slower than in QIO mode

best regards Juan
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By forlotto
#52302 Juan did your device come standard with this or did you actually do the dual spi mode modification?

I have noted the same experience with a couple of boards myself however I have one board that sets up and works with DIO without issue.

In my experience the speed of operation is really not all that noticeable for me while there is a bit of a slow down the on and off work fairly instant. The main area it suffers is when you hit it with a bunch of on off commands and return data as well depending on the method you use but even then the hit in speed seems to be acceptable for most people really a shift register is slower in operation than these extra GPIO's from what I can tell when testing the 595 however the 8574 is a rapid and smooth operator if you need higher speeds you can pound the heck out of it and it seems to be rather instant on and off.