Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By blupassat
#58093 Hi,
I try to use a nodemcu esp12 v0.9 with the espbasic.
when I connect the brower Explorer or Chrome by all ok.
If I try to create a new program like Hello world I rename the program and click ope.
Then I write print "hello world" and click save.
Then all the command on the espbasic editor like filemanager, run etc returns page not found in the brower.

Can be a problem with hardware V0.9?
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By Electroguard
#58148 Hi blupassat, your mention of "Hello world" suggests you are new to Esp-Basic, so I suggest you don't rename your scripts.

By default Esp_Basic loads /default.bas, and I suggest you just leave things at that default name until you have a need to do different.

Don't think of the ESP as your storage device for different scripts, cos if it goes belly-up you are going to lose them all.

Keep all your scripts on your browser computer.
Just save them as text files with the .txt extension, so they can easily and quickly be edited using Notepad or similar. You don't really need to be editing them on computer, just copying and pasting to and from them.

Load scripts into the Esp_Basic editor by select all and copying from the computer text files, then pasting into the browser edit page... and although you obviously need to then click SAVE in the edit window to upload an edited script into the device, you should periodically do a Select All and Copy from the browser edit page back to your computer text file.

By doing things this way, every time you copy and paste a script into the edit window then save it and run it, you will still be working with default.bas. So whenever the ESP reboots, it will be reloading your last used default.bas, rather than losing track of whatever your last renamed script was before the reboot.

So as far as your new Hello World script is concerned, stick with default.bas when saving it in the browser to the ESP, then copy and paste to save it to whatever text file you wish to call it on the computer.