Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By its1000
#69269 Hello guys
me again. I hope I don't disturb too much with all my questions, but I try to domesticate my ESP Basic...

I now try to use an ILI 9341. before building my own programs and screen, I tried to make the documentation example.
I have very carrefully plugged everything as indicated in the documentation and copied the program.

The screen stays desesperately white.
I think all is not bad, because when I touch the screen I see in the debug windows that the program take it and execute the touchbranch. but nothing is displayed.

I tried with another module ILI to be sure it was ok. and exactly the same.

What could I have done wrong? any idea is really welcome,
I wonder it there is any setup to create for the SPI pin? we setup the DC and DC port but I see no setup for SPI ports (mosi miso) is it normal?
and thank yo for your help...
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By its1000
#69354 I found the solution, so I share it if anyone has the same issue...

it works. but the ILI or SPI protocol are VERY sensitives to weak connections. so we need to have VERY good connections, especially on the RESET pin.

for the DS18B20, still no solution for the -127 result... someone told me to put a resistor 4,7K between Data and VCC, I will try.