Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By forlotto

Just curious if anyone has grabbed one to see what was under the hood?
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By Electroguard
#70009 @forlotto - No mention of DIMMER in their touch switch unfortunately, so seems like it's probably just On or Off. Missed a trick, if so.

@heckler - Smart sockets look useful, nice find, I shall order some of those myself.

Sonoff seems to have recognised the added market benefit of using Esp8266 in their products, so I would expect all their devices to be capable of being re-flashed with Esp-basic.

They have quite an expanding range of products now, including a 16A POW switched-ouput unit which gives interesting ability to monitor voltage, current, power etc.

There is also a POW variant with 3G / 4G capability, handy for non-internet phone control access.

A twin output TH16 offers dual switched capability controlled by temperature and/or humidity sensor, therefore could control heating, cooling, ventilation.

Need some Esp-basic software that can link together these available smarthome accessories into a useful system now.
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By forlotto
#70023 @EG
Indeed kind of have a specific use case for the switch touch switch itself. It is subject to a lot of moisture as it is in the kitchen during canning season the thing never seems to want to work when we are constantly boiling tomatoes for salsa, spaghetti, and pizza... Pretty damn annoying and about the time you go to flip in on your hand is dirty so at the end when you are cleaning up for the night and washing the switch off along with everything else you touched and used it may be a bit easier and safer to wash off a touch switch.
As far as the power plugs go I made up about 10 or so power strips with a push button breaker 8 outlets giving 6 plugins and the phone application to control it. Much more suited for my needs this way I can disable just the devices that require disabling and leave the others related to things like networking money saving me money on drain where I do not need standby power turned on. Not to mention the ability to automate many different configurations with the touch of a single button. I could have options such as home for a bit or home for the night button or Theater time. Although it is 7x's cheaper than building a strip I would imagine or maybe 6 x's there abouts. But I have always wanted power strips with full control like this so for me when I dropped about 5-600 on parts it was a worthy cause this was the main reason I sought out the nodemcu in the first place. But who knows I still may buy some as well let us know how it goes! I seen other wall outlets with esp's in them already so wouldn't be a supprise if this had the same thing going on.