Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By ptribbey
#72139 I have found, that while somewhat operational, the esp01's I have, that are not marked AI Cloud inside, do not fully function with port forwarding activated. It is hard for me to nail down exactly what is happening, but the AI cloud boards work perfect. my two cents for today.
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By forlotto
#73659 There were some models with different size flash I believe that did not work if I recall correct been a while though. That and Wemos D1 Mini I believe had some trouble I forget if there was a solution though may want to look for that thread.
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By Holli
#76554 Today I got some of those "AI-cloud inside" ESP-01 modules and also had some trouble getting them to work. After the initial upload everything looked normal, so I tried to save the settings for station mode. Could not save them. Then the problems started, usually ended with no more connection to the module.

Found the solution here:


It's the SPI flash P25Q80H, there is a patch for available for Arduino. So I applied the patch and compiled a new version, looks like this time it's working without issues.

I attached the .bin file, it's for ESP-01 boards with that P25Q80H 1MB (8 MBit) Flash.
To upload it, start the Basic Flasher Tool and then replace the file in ../build/1M. Use the same name as the old file. The .bin files will be replaced each time you start the tool again.
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