Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By drspastic
#82747 ok just one more stupid question,

trying to run the basic 64 by 128 oled on d1 mini.

checked documentation for espbasic, then check documentation for wemos D1 Mini clock and data pins are not the same.

I have tried all different combinations and still can't get anything on the OLED screen.

the OLED screen being DOA is not out of the question.

could somebody please post a wiring diagram and test code to fire up the standard cheap as chips little OLED please.

sorry for all the noob questions.
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By dscott
#88503 Did you have any luck getting further on this? I can likely help if not. The main thing is knowing the actual GPIO pin numbers for your board - not the physical pin #'s. After that, you'd have to tell me which library you want to use - there could be a difference in what the author references as SCL/SDA. In short, the actual GPIO doesn't matter at all as long as you have the pin numbers called out in the code connected to the right GPIO #'s on the board.

If the code says SCL/SDA are pins 5 and 4, you have to make sure your jumpers are connected to the chips GPIO pins 5 and 4 (NOT the dev boards pin #) - this will require you to cross reference at least a couple different sources on the googles. Never trust just one search result.