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By peterburk
#82899 Hi,

I've been wanting to get an EspUSB built for a while now, as you can probably see from my comments.

Last year I finally contacted PCBWay, and Amy told me that she can't accept the BOM file.

Everything I know about the EspUSB is from that YouTube video and the Github repo.

What PcbWay want to know:
Product No. :
Board Type :
Size :
Material :
Min Hole Size :
Gold fingers :
Finished Copper:
GerberFile :
Panel Way:
Quantity :
Thickness :
Solder Mask :
Surface Finish :
Additional Options:
Layers :
Min Track/Spacing :
Silkscreen :
Via Process :
BOMFile :
GerbersFile :
CentroidFile :
3 flexible options :
No. of Unique Parts:
No. of SMT Parts :
No. of Through-Hole Parts :
Board type
Assembly Side(s)
Assembly request

They don't understand the Github repo. They can't read the BOM from the schematic. I tried to guess the other parameters (hole size, PCB thickness, Size, surface finish), but I finally gave up because I don't know what the correct answer is.

Please can someone tell me how to get this manufactured?

Thank you!
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By peterburk
#83365 A colleague helped me get the BOM:

No. spec Size Q'ty Digikey Part Number
U1 ESP8285 QFN32 1 1904-1002-1-ND
U2 1824 SOT23-5 1 PWM IC MCP1824T-3302E
R1,R2 12K 0603 2 311-12.0KHRTR-ND
R4 0R 0603 1 311-0.0GRCT-ND
R5 1.5K 0603 1 311-1.50KHRCT-ND
C1,C2,C3 5.6p 0603 3 490-11336-1-ND
C4 10uF 0603 1 311-1822-1-ND
C5 0.1uF 0603 1 399-1097-1-ND
C6 1uF 0603 1 587-6297-1-ND
X1 26MHz 4750 1 SER3677CT-ND

Now PCBWay are saying they need a "pick and place centroid file". There is no such file on the Github repo. ... _8285_tiny

Shall I wait another year or two before I can get this built? I already paid PCBWay, so I think I've lost the money. I just wish I knew how to make sense of the existing design.
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By Pablo2048
#83371 It seems like the project is done in Kicad. So install the Kicad (its open source), open the project, open PCB file and try File->Fabrication Outputs->Footprint position (.pos) file...
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By peterburk
#83831 Thank you for telling me that it was in Kicad. That helped a bit. I still had to figure out how to export a BOM, and I still had to guess all the part numbers myself. I also had to guess the component placement. Months later, and many emails exchanged with PCBWay, and I finally have some hardware in my hands. I also made a virtual Ubuntu 16 machine, and compiled the esp-open-sdk.

However, it doesn't work. When I plug the EspUSB Tiny into a USB port, my computer sees nothing.

I have no idea how to proceed. If nothing is detected, I suppose it must be a hardware issue, but I can't see anything wrong with the device. There are some test points, but I don't know if they do anything.
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