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By Tito781227
#66394 I have this WiFi module called ESP8266 Nodemcu Module


You can see that we use the micro usb input in the module to give it Power and Also to program it with Arduino


i looked in the examples in Arduino IDE about ESP8266,

i also googled about it,

i couldn't find anything related to giving internet through that micro usb input,

what i mean is, i want this Module to connect to my home WiFi Router, and give internet to my PC Through USB!

Short Question: is it possible to make ESP8266 Nodemcu Module as a USB WiFi Adapter?

Is there any code or a firmware to achieve this?

Any ideas would be appreciated..
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By Robot Hacker
martinayotte wrote:The USB is only a Serial port ...

And modems connect through a serial port. So, Yes, it can be made into a WiFi adapter. :D

I have not seen it done yet, but that does not mean that it has not been done. I have not looked for it.