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By berkutta
#67221 I'm currently trying to get the SPI Interface running. I'm using the newest RTOS SDK from Github. My intention is to send exactly 1 Byte with the content 0xAA. But I get a big I don't know what on the data output. Any idea?

Code: Select allvoid spi_initialize()
    //Initialze Pins on ESP8266

   SpiAttr pAttr;   //Set as Master/Sub mode 0 and speed 10MHz

void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR user_init(void)
    uart_div_modify(0, UART_CLK_FREQ / 115200);

    os_printf("SDK version:%s\n", system_get_sdk_version());


    uint32 data[1] = {0xAAAAAAAA};

    while (true) {
   SpiData pDat;

   pDat.cmdLen=0;         ///< Command byte length
   pDat.addrLen=0;       ///< Address byte length
   pDat.dataLen=1;       ///< Data byte length.;

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