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By danieldbb
#61400 Hi,
yes, port config is ok.
i have 12 modules, from two diff suppliers. Only one module doesn't accept AT commands. Reset is ok, I can trace traffic but when I try simple "AT\n\r" nothing hapends ... as port were dead, burned out (URTX). I used Logic analyzer to check the signal from connector to the chip .. null, nil, nada ... like there is none.
Beside those A7 I have they react differently at Reset ... pull down circuit with N-MOS Fet ... sometimes POWER LED turns OFF, sometimes not. Sometimes A7 booted, sometimes not.
Another problem I have is:

- Phone book Write Command: AT+CPBW=index,"<number>",129,"name"
if there is no index field supplied by write command A7 doesn't accept this entry and reboots

- Phone book Find Command: AT+CPBF="search string" A& performs searching only bye name not also by number

- AT+CLIP=1 displays only the caller number and not also his name from phone book (???)

I don't know if I have the last Revision? Support from A7 doesn't responds to my emails.
Therefore I would also like to have A7 SDK!
With failures like this, we should have a A7 Errors forum.

knowing how to avoid those failures, working with A7 is good. But not perfect :(

What is your experience with A7?