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By amshh
#71600 Hello, .... don't know if I'm right here with this topic....

I use ESP8266-01 with the AT Interface in UDP-Mode.
After connecting to my LAN I jump into the passthrough mode and use the ESP
as UART-Bridge. So far so good.
From time to time I want to check from my application, if the connection to the
access point already exists. For that I did not find any other way than
- stop passthrough (+++)
- ask for the CIPStatus
- Parse the answer for the status
- (if OK:) Start Passthrough again.

This is for sure no clean solution. But is it the only one? Does someone has a
hint for a better solution?

I realize in passthrough when I send bytes (send bytes into ESP UART) that the ESP
from itself sends a UDP-Telegram after app. 65ms.
As I can see, at 19200 Baud after app. 130 Byte there is a Telegram of 100 bytes sent...
Because of my native Telegram is longer than that and the server expects a longer one,
I get errors in the server application. For that I had to exceed my protocol to reconstruct
the whole telegram out of parts...
With slower Baudrates the bytes sent by itself is less so I estimate its a time threshold ....?
I couldn't find anything about this behaviour in the documentation. Did I miss it?

Thank you very much!