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By Dmitry Orlov
#73037 The ESP must receive data packets (40 bytes) through UART0, store them in some array, and send it over the MQTT protocol to the server. And vice versa, receives commands from MQTT and send them to UART0. Based on c:\Espressif\examples\ESP8266\blinky2 and the modified uart.c module, I wrote the part that works with my device. It accepts packets, fills the array with data, prints to the terminal (UART1) the contents of the array. The MQTT example c:\Espressif\examples\ESP8266\esp_mqtt also works separately. When I collect everything together, the program in ESP drops (illegal instruction) at the very beginning. When I removed from the program and from esp_mqtt all code related to the output to the terminal (it was relative complicated, output this kind of line with floating point display):

0 ; 0x00ad:A; 45 'C:N; 0x09:N Normal ; 3.007A :N; 85.76V :N; 268.9W :N; 45.65kWh :A; 7:d 2:h 4:m 41:s :A; 0x00000000:A; 77 %:A;

The code seems to work, but still it sometimes falls. The feeling is that the resulting code just does not fits somewhere, but I do not know how to approach it. I use Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP8266 v2.2.2 (04/23/2017) (with others versions is the same picture).
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