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By chaitannya
#73574 Hello Everyone,

I am trying to develop a small application, which would read the value from a sensor & broadcast it in SSID like a beacon. I am in process of evaluation & don't have much idea about the ESP module.
On the other side, there would be a mobile app scanning all SSID frames & extract the information transmitted from the ESP module.
Can someone point out any sample applications?

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By lpares12
#73715 What do you mean broadcast it in SSID? You mean to broadcast it in the network that is currently providing (as AP Mode) or connected (as Station Mode)?

If so, I think you should use multicast. Which consists on sending messages to specific group (ip addresses) and other devices con join a group and receive messages to that group. A proper explanation of multicast can be found here To send multicast messages with the ESP-01 I guess you should only select a group IP and send the UDP messages there. As for the receiver it should only join the group IP and listen for any messages.

If what you want to do is send messages "to the air" without being connected to any network, as devices which are in AP Mode do to broadcast their network SSID, I have no idea how to do it and would be interested in learning about it. I guess I would start by looking what the OpenSDK does when setting the wifi mode as AP, since it should trigger some type of timer to start broadcasting the SSID to the air every X seconds.