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By papadeltasierra
#78483 Anyone able to shed some light on what system_partition_table_regist() is actually doing? I've found some sample code that has no comments and the SDK documentation says nothing helpful. So in words for the hard-of-thinking ;-), what does it do and what parameters should I be giving it?
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By bitmandu
#79235 I can't add anything more regarding what this function is actually doing beyond the documentation in the Non-OS SDK.

However, there is some additional documentation on what parameters you should provide that isn't easy to find. Have you seen the Partition Table document? I'm not sure why this isn't linked to from the README or API Reference.

I was able to get a Non-FOTA version of blinky going with this extra help. There is no Non-FOTA example code otherwise available from what I can tell.

One issue I have is with the last parameter (map). If you are compiling one of the examples in the ESP8266_NONOS_SDK repository, i.e., using and the supplied Makefiles, map should be set to the input for STEP 5.

But if you are using and your own Makefile (following the blinky example provided with esp-open-sdk), what you need for map needs to match what writes to the generated image (I think). I recently opened Issue 377 with more information that may be help if you are using too.