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By hobi
#92510 Hi there!
Not sure if anyone can help with this:

I'm trying to use a ESP8266 to power up a Raspberry Pi. The idea is: If not needed, the Raspberry gets it's power disconnected via a "smart plug" - if the Raspberry is needed again, I send a "Wake on Lan" (WOL) request, which is captured by the ESP8266, and the ESP simply tells the smart plug to power the plug ...

This actually works - if you're using a variant of WOL, where you're sending UDP packages to a certain port at address "".

But "real" WOL (a more standardized one) is not based on UDP, but on ethernet protocol 0x0842 ("UDP" I think belongs to protocol 0x0800). So this is all one level deeper in the network stack.
Does anyone know if it is possible to access network traffic on this level via the ESP8266? Are there any examples around?

Thanks for any hint!