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By sedlacek.david
#83268 Hi, is it possible to detect the last known dead loop, before the watchdog kicks in?

I'm running NON-OS native espressif SDK.

The problem is that I'm doing something fundamentally wrong and at some point, right after power cycle, my program stucks in an endless loop. It is quite complex code and I'm starting to have a suspicion that it is related to "bacground" SDK stuff. And it drives me crazy before I just cant manage to find the weak point.

Thank you!!!
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By quackmore
#83274 I'd stand for good ol' os_printf !!

That's always a good starting point for tracing your code

unfortunately you'll have to code it yourself,
but on this same forum I found at least a couple of threads you may wanna have a look for inspiration:


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By sedlacek.david
#83504 A lot of things have happened - I'm now able to debug my CMAKE&NON-OS SDK project in ECLIPSE and gdbstub.

But the only thing which is quite annoying is a hardware watchdog. It kicks in during code stepping.

Any ideas how to disable it or get rid of it somehow? Put wdt feed into an interrupt?