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By padin
#90881 I am developing a data logger with ESP8266 using RTOS SDK and that needs light sleep to be implemented. From this official programming guide (page-36), I have used the following code with the latest functions from esp_sleep.h library.

Code: Select allvoid fpm_wakup_cb_func1(void){
    esp_wifi_fpm_close();             // disable force sleep function
    esp_wifi_set_mode(WIFI_MODE_STA); // set station mode
    esp_wifi_connect();               // connect to AP
esp_wifi_set_mode(WIFI_MODE_NULL);               // set Wi-Fi mode to null mode.
esp_wifi_fpm_set_sleep_type(WIFI_LIGHT_SLEEP_T); // light sleep
esp_wifi_fpm_open();                             // enable force sleep
esp_wifi_fpm_set_wakeup_cb(fpm_wakup_cb_func1);  // Set wakeup callback

But when I run this code, for the functions esp_wifi_fpm_set_sleep_type, esp_wifi_fpm_open, esp_wifi_fpm_set_wakeup_cb & esp_wifi_fpm_do_sleep, it prints an error message:
FPM: We have removed this api, please do not call
. But I could not find any alternate sleep functions. So how can I implement light sleep on ESP8266 with RTOS SDK?