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QuickFix wrote:No sorry, I don't use the native SDK.

I only looked at your specific question (and noticing you didn't follow the exact steps required) and gave you an answer on the path-problem.

Ok. Thank you very much. :)
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By Builder
HALU wrote:Hi all,

Until "Configure" `step,

I use minGW32 terminal for "make menuconfig" below.


The error has occured. :shock:

make: *** No rule to make target '/home/xxxx/esp/hello_world/menuconfig', stop.

:?: How can I fix this problem?

I skipped "Setup Path to ESP8266_RTOS_SDK" step. Because I don't know, how can I setup Path?
I setup all steps through minGW32 all, I am not sure, is it correct or not?

You're not supposed to configure the SDK, but your project. Or in other words, you need to create one (or copy one from examples), and run menuconfig in the project root directory. Trying menuconfig in my SDK root gives me the same error...

And you absolutely MUST set the path variables. No way around that, I'm afraid...