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By AcmeUK
#92452 This is a copy of this post
What is it trying to achive? I see no link in it.
I see the original post has been deleted, but not the thread!
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By QuickFix
AcmeUK wrote:What is it trying to achive? I see no link in it.

It looks like this was supposed to be another one of those spam bot messages, where an earlier (ESP relevant) thread is copied and reposted with vague URL's in the signature.
You can see that both the subject and text are identical, but the user (name) is different and chances are slim an actual person would create another account for the same question and post an exact copy of an earlier message.

I think (and surely hope) that Richard (our admin) just disabled links in signatures (for new users) and thereby defeating the purpose of spam bots entirely.
Just leave them as is or report them if you think they're fishy. :idea: