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By Joao Schim
#95115 Hi all, hope you are doing well.

Having some WiFi difficulties with a custom ESP8266 board. Banging my head for two days now. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.
I am trying to connect to my Wifi network using the example code in the SDK (examples/wifi/getting_started/station).
It compiles well and it get's flashed to my hardware just fine. However the ESP will in no case connect to my AP.
It keeps failing with:

system_event: SYSTEM_EVENT_STA_DISCONNECTED, ssid:MySID, ssid_len:12, bssid:XXXX, reason:2 (auth expire)

Distance to AP has no impact at all. Credentials are checked a million times.

I am starting to feel like its hardware related. (RF maybe?) However, the strange thing is that is works perfectly in AP mode. Also Scanning the area makes the network show up as intended.

And even stranger; Using AT firmware on the same hardware the connection is made within a flash of an eye.


The device is ping'able from other network clients afterwards.

I am dazzled and confused why it refuses to work with the example in the Sdk. (or Arduino for that matter).

Does this issue sound familiar to anyone ? what path to investigate would you suggest ?

Thanks in advance.