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By Alanta
#62676 Hi

I want to use a NODEMCU as a WiFi connection from my existing microcontroller over the UART interface. I would probably configure it just once using the AT commands.
For the majority of the time I will be sending and receiving small packets via UDP also over the UART interface. I also would like the ability to be able to serve a small webpage for setup on TCP port 80 when a browser connects (again over the UART interface from my micro).
From my initial research, I can see how to set the NODEMCU for either UDP or TCP but not both at the same time.

Many routers have a web based set up. This is the sort of thing that I would like to have with my hardware.

So I suppose what I am asking is can NODEMCU be configured to send and receive UDP packets and also listen for TCP connection requests at the same time ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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By Alanta
martinayotte wrote:You would need to write your own firmware since AT firmware can not do that.
Use either Native SDK or ArduinoESP framework or even Lua, you can then handle multiple ports.

Thanks for your advise. I will need to dig further into how I can do this. I think I may take a look at the Lua option to start with.