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By emilevs
#68253 I have a wemos d1 mini that I am trying to cummunicate with using the serial monitor. this usually works if I have an simple sketch that just prints some stuff to the monitor but if I do anything more complected the d1 mini just keeps disconnecting and connecting and everytime I have to wait for the serial port to appear and then start the serial monitor to see a couple of lines appear and then it disconnects again. sometimes it works for a while and sometimes it doesn't even work for a few seconds. I have tried using different usb ports and different cables and I am running ubuntu mate 16.04 on the computer that I have it connected to.
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By QuickFix
#68260 It sounds like a power supply issue.
You might want to try with a WeMos power shield or a powered USB-hub. :idea:

Alternatively, as a quick fix, set the RF power level of your WeMos to a minimum.