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By Hairyloon
pangolin wrote:
"Sorry, but that doesn't actually answer the question. Does the ESP allow the devices connected to it to see each other and communicate, or would we have to add that option to enable it?"

The question is little to do with the ESP: it is 100% dependent on the code it runs. The code you mentioned is what I was commenting on.

Ah, you weren't very clear.

"it may not matter if the connection to the internet router is broken."
then why use the device at all? just connect the nodes to the main router. You are over-complicating the issue.

Because we are towards the edge of the range of the router and the router is busy routing the other clients that we don't need to worry about: seems to me to be simplifying things not complicating them.
"Not lucky".
Yes, lucky. Unless you fully understand the issues covered in the the link, then you do not really know what the "limitations of the device" are and therefore you cannot accurately comment.

It's got one hardware channel. What is complicated about that?
It's like juggling with only one pair of hands: if you're only juggling two balls then it is fairly straightforward, but it rapidly gets trickier the more balls you add.
Granted I don't know the precise ballistic calculations to accurately model the trajectory of each ball, but do I need to for what I am doing here?

In your own words "Sorry, I don't understand how these things actually work, and I imagine the answer is entirely obvious if you have the first clue about it... which I don't." which case, you might learn more by listening to people who do, rather than contradicting them simply because you either don't like or don't understand the answers.

Why so touchy?
This is how most people learn things, by asking questions about the bits they don't understand, or by illustrating how it is they understand it in order to be corrected.

I reiterate: the code you mentioned is merely an example. Its is not practical for serious use and thus most of this is academic. I'm happy to help with specific code / design questions on any real world project you might have, but ESP8266 is not a suitable device for a reliable solution to NAT routing due to its single hardware channel.

Ah, see I had misunderstood the nature of the examples: I'd understood them to largely be making use of the inbuilt features of the hardware.
Please excuse my ignorance, perhaps I should have posted this query in the "Newbie Corner".

I urge you to read and digest the information in the previous link I sent you.

Are you sure you gave the right link?
That page seems to just be describing a number of scenarios where you are likely to have trouble connecting multiple devices... which you might expect when the thing has only one hardware channel: it's like juggling many balls with only one pair of hands.
Or were you talking about the bit that's in Chinese?
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By Hairyloon
pangolin wrote:Always remember: Examples are just that - they are not production-quality code.

Hang on, shouldn't an example be an example of how things should be done?
I would not expect an example to do much, but what it does do should be exemplary.