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By darsh_t
#91047 I tried to retrieve temp and humidity from the DHT11 sensor with ESP8266. But I have been getting an error something like that "Lua error: DHT11(2).lua:4: unexpected symbol near ',' " If possible, could anyone also point out the other potential errors in this code? My code looks as follows: :D

Code: Select allpin = 1

status, temp, humi, temp_dec, humi_dec = dht11 from pin

if status == dht.OK then    --check status is ok and print temperature and humidity
print(string.format( "DHT Temperature:%d.%03d;Humidity:%d.%03d" )
elseif status == dht.ERROR_CHECKSUM then    --else print either status
print( "DHT Checksum error." )
elseif status == dht.ERROR_TIMEOUT then
print( "DHT timed out." )