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By Emilio Sarturi
Nigel Willis wrote:I have the same problem when I use the Arduino IDE serial monitor. Still trying to find out why, I'll let you know when I do. But I can get it to work using LC Technology's own windows based serial coms client. You can download it along with a user guide for the relay module from:

Good luck.

hi, you have a solution for this issue?
i have a same problem!
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By viper_lasser
#65315 How to connect this module for flashing ?
When I move esp-01 to prototyping board and connected required signals (rx,tx,gnd,gpio0) than I can flash esp witih new program but when I will connecting signals on 1ch5v module (rx, tx, gnd) and gnd with gpio0 then on my usb-rs232ttl leds rx and tx blink and I can't make flashing.

What I make wrong ?
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By Bennyk
#65332 Hi,
I tryed even with the lc official program from the link above. but my relays doesn't works...
Can some one please explain me how to use the lc program or what i am doing wrong ?

I tryed:
connect 5V to the board ( i tryed 7v with the same resault )
connect the serial to ttl ( i sent and recieved AT commands using the lc program)
in the lc tool i typed A00101A2 , send as HEX , press send and nothing happend....

What i did wrong?


I think, i have found the problem:
in both my boards the resistors R3 = 4.7Kohm and R4 = 10Kohm, but according to the datasheet they should be R3=10Kohm and R4 = 4.7Kohm