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By frasersnow
#63886 I have trying to get the current down to 10uA during deep sleep. As per specs on page 18 ... ule-EN.pdf

The best I can do is 0.36 mA. I tried 3 different ES12F modules like the ones below. ... australia/

I been testing these modules stand alone, so not on a breadboard with any regulator or USB / Serial components.

This is the sample code I have been using to test.

// Time to sleep (in seconds):
const int sleepTimeS = 15;

void setup()

// Serial
Serial.println("ESP8266 Woke Up");

// Sleep
Serial.println("ESP8266 Going To Slepp");
//ESP.deepSleep(sleepTimeS * 1000000,WAKE_RF_DEFAULT );
ESP.deepSleep(sleepTimeS * 1000000,WAKE_RF_DISABLED );


void loop()


Any help would be appreciated.
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By frasersnow
Thanks you both for the reply. Unfortunately still 0.36 mA in sleep. Also tried another meter just in case.
I must admit, I haven't tried removing the resistors and just tying the appropriate pins vcc / GND
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