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By theMusicMan
#65089 Hello everyone!

First post here, so hi to all! Wasn't sure exactly where to post this particular query, hence posting here.

So, I have purchased two ESP8266 boards; a Wemos D1 Pro Mini and a NodeMCU - both seem to fire up well when I connect them to my Mac, though the Wemos certainly flashes much, much faster than the NodeMCU, but that's another thing. I installed the CP2012 drivers, all has gone smoothly and I can upload sketches to both boards using the Arduino IDE without issues.

Here's my problem.

I don't have home WiFi in the conventional sense, as I get all my WiFi requirement from my iPhone via a wonderful mobile package from my mobile provider. I have no need to have to pay out any more than I need to for a service provided here in the UK by Virgin or Sky or a.n.other etc, and am able to do everything I need on my Mac or iPad with them tethered to the iPhone hotspot - either by WiFi or USB cable. Speeds are great too!!! :D

I have tried to run the 'WiFiAccessPoint' sketch from the examples library, and have experienced issues when trying to connect to my hotspot. Here's a detail explanation of what I have done.

I do have a WiFi router here, and do have separate home WiFi, it just isn't connected to the internet. I use it for WiFi connected HDD storage and for my printer etc.

Once I discovered I was unable to get either ESP8266 board to connect to my iPhone hotspot, I thought I'd best test them both using my home WiFi. This worked perfectly, and I was able to open the IP address page and see the message 'You are connected' successfully, using both ESP8266 boards. I entered the SSID and passwords for my home WiFi in the sketch code and they both connected to it without issues.

Alas, when I change the SSID and password to reflect my iPhone hotspot credentials, neither board will connect, and I don't see the 'You are connected' message when going to that IP address.

So, can someone advise me please as to if I can, and if so, how I connect an ESP8266 board to a iPhone WiFi hotspot - one that everything else connects to easily - even my AppleTV!!

Hope I've explained the issue in enough detail, and hope someone can help me.

Many thanks