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By j_dunavin
#67350 I am trying to build this set up from this instructable:

I was able to update arduino IDE to include the ESP8266 arduino files via the board manager, and write a successful example sketch to the 8266.
I believe that I have the correct libraries downloaded into my library folder, as when I try to compile his code I don't get any errors there.
The error I get is wifiStart not included in this scope.
Could there be an issue with one of the libraries? Should I download all libraries into my folder and not count on the board manager?
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By QuickFix
#67373 I tested the following with the the latest release on GitHub

Apart from the documentation lacking mentioning some necessary libraries (ArduinoJson) and putting the code into the wrong folders, it looks like he forgot to include the declaration and implementation for:
  • wifiStart()
  • webStart()
  • artStart()
  • portSetup()
  • doNodeReport()
These functions are possibly all declared in the same missing file, but since I'm also relatively new to the ESP, I could be wrong of course. :roll:

Erm... seems like the missing functions are in the file startFunctions.ino, which is a sketch (but actually isn't).
Not sure how to handle this (I can't seem to simply include that sketch into the actual sketch). :?
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By QuickFix
#67412 The quickest way to get the source to compile is:
  • Open startFunctions.ino
  • Copy all the code to clipboard
  • Open espArtnetNode_2.0.0_b5g.ino
  • Scroll down to the end of the file
  • Paste all the code from clipboard
I've browsed the repository on GitHub and it looks like the code was originally in the espArtnetNode_2.0.0_b5g.ino file, but moved in the current version into a separate (wrong) file. :roll: