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By Hilarius_Yang
#70341 Hi, so I make a simple relay control using ESP8266 12F with softAP mode, however, if I want to change the SSID and Password of it, I need to reflash it using Arduino IDE.. Is there any solution which I can change it without Arduino IDE? for example via Web Browser?
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By LegacyOfHerot
#70370 That would be a little risky, and open to abuse.

I've been trying to get some info about credential management in general on the esp8266 platform - all the samples I've seen hard code the creds and ssid etc in the .ino code- if I did that at work, I'd expect to be fired.

Putting the creds in a config file is almost as bad, but at least a hacker would need physical access to the device (assuming the config was not accessible remotely). Ideally I'd like a Trusted Platform Module, but that may be beyond the abilities of the board.
What about https? Does the board have enough grunt to check a certificate?
Is there a firewall in the IP stack?
Can I set up a whitelist of IP Addresses?
Any thoughts gratefully received.
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By Hilarius_Yang
QuickFix wrote:Have a look at WiFiManager: it will fit your needs perfectly. 8-)

If it connect to an AccessPoint it's very useful. But in my case, I connect directly to the ESP8266 using AP Mode only. Is it possible to change my ESP8266 access point SSID without re-uploading my edited program?