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By QuickFix
#70773 I don't recognize this behaviour, the only thing that occurs is that I can program one board at a faster rate than the other, but I'm hardly ever having programming or booting errors.
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By oxurane
#71044 There's no info about what type of ESP-module you use. If it's an ESP01, the breadbord you suggested might work. However, it still requires re-wiring.
If it's a different model, like ESP07, ESP08 or ESP12x, you should keep in mind, the pin-distances are not 2.54 mm, but 2.0 mm. There will be a mismatch in such case, but can be solved by connecting small wires between your module and the breadboard (as for the USB-to-UART converter).

Another thing you might keep in mind : verify if all components are well soldered at your module. On occassion I've seen loose connections at ESP-modules.