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By sofos1990
#72187 I'm new to the community and I know this topic has been discussed many times but I got confused cause I see few different replies/opinions.
I bought one ESP8266 to replace my old Arduino Nano which I use from an Ambilight setup.
The new setup will have more than 300 LEDs so in theory ESP8266 will be faster. Although, I don't need the WiFi function at all. Is there a way to disable it? Is that possible through Arduino IDE?
I'm running the Adalight FastLED sketch. How should I edit the code in order to disable WiFI as much as possible?

Thanks in advance!
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By sofos1990
#72207 Also, I was trying yesterday to upload this sketch to the ESP through Arduino IDE but I couldn't.

I've installed ESP8266 from Board Manager but still no.
I have the Amica Nodemcu.
I installed a sketch that scans the wifi connections and it works great so I think it's me not adding something to the FastLED sketch.