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By potz
#72728 Hi,

The key TEST is ok. But the radio button are not working. I never see on the serial monitor RED ON or RED OFF.

What is wrong ?

Code: Select all  key = -1;

  if (req.indexOf("/key1") != -1)
    key = 1;

  if (req.indexOf("/RED_OFF") != -1)
    RED_State = false;
    Serial.println("RED OFF");
  else if (req.indexOf("/RED_ON") != -1)
    RED_State = true;
    Serial.println("RED ON");

Code: Select all  if (key == 1)

  client.println("<br>"); //aller a la ligne
  client.println("<button onClick=location.href='./key1\'>");

  client.println("<fieldset>");  //dessine un cadre
  client.println("<Radio button test</legend>");

  if (RED_State)
    client.println("<form action='led'><input type=\"radio\" name=\"RedLEDState\" value=\"RED_ON\" checked=\"checked\"> ON"
                   "<input type=\"radio\" name=\"RedLEDState\" value=\"RED_OFF\"> OFF<br>");

    client.println("<input type=\"radio\" name=\"RedLEDState\" value=\"RED_ON\"> ON"
                   "<input type=\"radio\" name=\"RedLEDState\" value=\"RED_OFF\" checked=\"checked\"> OFF<br>");

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By martinayotte
#72785 Your buttons doesn't do any thing since you didn't provided/attached any javascript code to them using onClick() attribute.
To ease the things, you could use some "microajax" calls.