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By Merkur
#72979 Hi - I am new to the ESP8266 but in the past week have learned a lot and got a Huzzah breakout board running with the Arduino IDE and uploaded programs to connect to WiFi, flash an LED, measure temperature etc.

I am trying to use the ESP8266 to measure temperature using a DHT11 sensor and report it using WiFi to an EasyIoT dashboard running on a Raspberry Pi. I am following the example code on github here:

The problem I am having is the when I compile the code I get the error:
fatal error: avr/eeprom.h: No such file or directory
#include <avr/eeprom.h>

I cannot see the avr/eeprom library referenced anywhere in the code and am stumped to know where to start debugging it.

Do any more knowledgeable software engineers have any ideas. Software is not my strong point.

Has anyone else successfully integrated the ESP8266 to read temp/humidity and other parameters and transmit this to an EasyIoT dashboard for monitoring?


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By gdsports
#72994 "avr" refers to the type of CPU used inside Arduino Unos, Megas, Leonardos, etc. so the code requires changes to work on ESP8266. Try deleting the line or commenting it out and see what happens.

ESP has an EEPROM library but it works a little differently from the AVR version so some modifications may be required.