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By shoyle
#75988 Hi everyone, thanks for letting me in, im currently trying to do the following with 2 ESP lets call them A and B,
i need to push a button on A and get a led blink on B, once blinked B tells A the job was done successfully and it makes A blink a led, and vice versa.
I tried using the code from this video

after making one of them server and one of them client it works when i go from client to server but not from server to client, I appreciate any help since im not very good with code and i been working with this for days without any result, if someone knows a way to do this with a different code its ok just as long as i can do that.
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#76165 Can you post the code please? I am creating a wireless doorbell and I have some problems in sending-receiving packets between 2 ESP8266 (1 works as softAP, the other as client)