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By RK_aus_S
#76371 Hello

Starting position:

I turned my ESP-12F in a "WeMo" switch controlled by Amazon Echo ("Alexa") using the provided code from

It works very well, but there is a drawback. If I want to use my "fauxmo-Switch" in a so-called "Carter System",


then I have a slight problem. Because if anybody presses the wall switch, the fauxmo fuctionality is "inversed", that means from now on my fauxmo-Switch has to be swiched off to turn the light on - and vica-versa. And the Alexa App also shows "off" when the light is on - and vica-versa.

My question:

I have not much expirience in coding. Is there a possibility within the fauxmo code that I can use in my sketch to simply cause the Echo/Alexa app to display the fauxmo switch as "on" even when the fauxmo-Switch itself is "off" - an vica-versa?

I really hope I have described my problem clearly. English is not my native language. :oops:

Kind regards